Filming Imagination Television’s new series Rachel’s Tour Of Beauty has proved a transformative experience for presenter and international supermodel Rachel Hunter, who embarked on a personal journey to discover indigenous beauty rituals and beliefs.

The thought provoking odyssey around the world revealed surprising secrets to lasting beauty that are more than skin deep; Hunter has returned from her trips with a true sense that she immersed herself in a nourishing elixir of life. “In Western culture we paint beauty with one brush. When you break free of controlling rituals, you realise that beauty is a rainbow with so many colours.”

Distributed by Zodiak Rights, the 13-episode series travels from Asia to America, Mexico to the Middle East and Fiji to France to explore diverse cultures. “My idea of beauty has been completely shattered,” Hunter says.

“I have been a traveling model for thirty years but I have never experienced such profound revelations ­— this series has enabled me to fall in love with the world, with a renewed sense of wellbeing and self-acceptance.”

Rachel’s Tour Of Beauty investigates both extreme forms of beautification and mindful, spiritual practices in a myriad of cultures from the Chinese Hainan community to the sprightly, elderly inhabitants of the Greek island of Ikaria.

“I met an elderly Arab woman who completely changed my view of Islamic traditions and who also exposed my own vulnerabilities — it was an extraordinary meeting and one that will always resonate.”

Rachel’s Tour Of Beauty is currently in production for TVNZ and due to air this summer.

This and more in the MIPTV News issue 3, online here!

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