At Fresh TV’s MIPFormats session this afternoon, Virginia Mouseler, CEO of TV observatory The WIT, gave us the breakdown on shows that would inform popular formats, and invade our screens, this year.

Shared themes included examinations of what makes a family, and (sometimes intimate) experiences with different values, cultures and people.


Find her selection, culled from The WIT’s extensive database, right here:

Face Your Addiction (Vorst Media, Netherlands): In which a host and an expert coach addicts of drugs, alcohol or gambling… in the presence of their families. The addicts are sent to rehab, and after six months, everyone comes together to administer a surprise drug test.

How Much Are You Worth? (Talpa International, Netherlands): A financial expert appraises peoples lives to open an honest conversation about money. He gives them a sense of their net worth, then provides advice to help improve their situation.

Whose Holiday is it Anyway? (DRG, Ireland): Parents let kids plan their holiday, from location to budget to packing to meals. Will parents take control back? Will they conclude that kids know best?

Host in the Box (Endemol International, Germany): In this format, a presenter is wrapped in a box and shipped to a mystery location. Upon arrival, the host must discover, adapt to and survive in the new surroundings, which may include dangerous or emotional challenges.

Class Swap (RTE TV, Ireland): Three groups of secondary school students and three teachers spend 2 weeks living with locals in another countries, to experience the reality of education systems different from their own.

My Life Made In… (Upside Television, France): Could you support your lifestyle by consuming only products produced in your country? In this show, a young journalist lives on only locally-made goods (including services, furniture and transport).

I’ll Be Your Driver Today (ORF, Austria): Who’s the man behind the suit and the promise? For a day, a journalist drives alongside major political leaders during their campaigns, asking questions about their lives that extend beyond electoral promises. During this adventure, politicians must be helpful co-drivers, helping get gas, change oil and entertain the people they’re driving.

Away With a Stranger (Nordic World, Norway): Four tourists with different interests are sent on a four-day holiday, where they’re stuck together all day long. Each day, one person plans the group’s whole day, which the group rates. At the trip’s end, the winner wins another holiday — with a friend.

My Week Your Week (Banijay International, Denmark): Four couples put their marriage to the test in a two-week experiment: for the first week, one partner makes all decisions; for the second, the other partner makes them all.

The 7 Weddings (Banijay International, Denmark): Seven couples are followed from their wedding reception. For seven years, they’ll be visited two days a month to see how their lives together evolve. The format will be one couple per episode, and seven episodes per year, for seven years. Who’ll survive the 7-year itch?

Family (1+1 Media, Ukraine): Two singletons engage in a blind wedding to test the values of totally different cultures … where arranged weddings are considered longer-lasting. The newlyweds are chosen by a team of experts, based on psychological, astrological and practical affinity.

Rocco to the Rescue (Verve Media, Italy): Former porn star Rocco Siffredi uses his experience to help people who need “sexual healing”.


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