Who are today’s buyers and how do they react to the expansion of channel offerings, the arrival of new players, delinearised ways of watching TV, international co-production and all-platform rights? This exclusive white paper gives the lowdown on the latest trends, with choice quotes from top buyers, including:

“The buying business has got bigger and tougher as there are more competing channels, so everyone is after the same stuff (…) We always buy something that will engage viewers; if we don’t have that, we don’t have anything… We get in early with the producers, so that we’re part of the journey and part of the revenues”.
Cathrine Wiernik, head of format acquisitions and international relations at Sweden’s TV 4

“Africa is stepping up in the broadcast arena, in terms of how content is delivered to viewers”.
Alex Okosi, MTVNA’s senior vice-president/managing director

“The advent of social media has changed the way we buy programming”.
Charlie Parsons, US-based VP of global development and production at the National Geographic Channel

“To do their job properly, buyers constantly need to get their heads round new technology. When a producer clears a performance rights with us, it covers future (digital) inventions as well”.
Cecilia Persson, vice- president of acquisitions and co-productions EMEA, for Turner Broadcasting’s kids’ channels


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This report was brought to you by MIPTV and includes information extracted from MIP Publications, and from two white papers developed by Eurodata TV Worldwide: “Worldwide TV Trends-Equipment, offer, content: already connected” & “Television scores in 2011! A panorama of worldwide TV consumption”.


More exclusive content coming soon: “Buyers’ Talk”, a series of interviews with the world’s biggest TV buyers. Watch this space!

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