Photo: Myung Films, creators of Leafie the Hen. Left to right: Kim Sun-Ku; Lee Eun; Paul Yi and Dong Cheun Chung

The team behind Leafie the Hen emerged from a screening of their new property to be welcomed as the stars of the evening, in a set piece made especially for their character. Myung Films’ Paul Yi was bouyant about the new property’s prospects:
Paul Yi on Leafie the Hen’s universal message (MIPCOM) at Z Plage – Hotel Martinez


Meanwhile, Francis Fitzpatrick of Cosgrove Hall Fitzpatrick reflected on that afternoon’s “fabulous” panel on whether eBook and animation IP developments are merging. “Particularly Kevin Gillis from SkyRider: It was worth the payment itself (of the entrance fee) just to hear those guys“: because it made him think the TV industry could be facing its own Napster-scale crisis now that producers can sell directly to consumers…
Francis the IP lawyer on best of MIPCOM and piracy at Z Plage – Hotel Martinez


For others, the evening was an opportunity to take in a productive weekend and look forward to a busy MIPCOM. First timer Lisa Sankar-Zhu of China’s Golden Mushroom Cartoon company said she’d already discovered new territories which weren’t on her radar before coming to Cannes:
MIPCOM first timer Lisa Sankar-Zhu’s changing expectations for the week at Z Plage – Hotel Martinez


Last but not least, Media City Finland format developer and regular guest MIPBlogger Simon Staffans shared his hopes for MIPCOM: that everyone in the industry “realise the importance of multi-platform content.” We wouldn’t have expected anything less, Simon!
Simon Staffans’ hopes for MIPCOM at Z Plage – Hotel Martinez

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