MIPBlog: Why did FremantleMedia & RTL Group decide to sponsor a Content 360 category – offering €10,000 in development funds – this year?
Claire Tavernier: RTL Group and FremantleMedia have been global leaders in the digital space for a long time. This space is becoming increasingly strategic as we redefine our business model around the new ways our audience consumes our content.

FremantleMedia has a long history of working with partners, both on the TV side and on the digital side. We also have a history of identifying and growing talent. Content 360 is a great step forward in our ability to start a dialogue with digital talent.

This is an opportunity for talented individuals and companies to get to know us better, and to have access to our global network of resources.

What are the best examples of cross-platform content development FremantleMedia has been involved in over the past year and why? Why do you see it as essential moving forwards?
FremantleMedia has been involved in a number of “firsts” in the digital space, from the first SMS vote in the US on American Idol, to the first mobile video programme extension in the UK. More recently we have ran a very successful partnership with YouTube in the US around America’s Got Talent, allowing candidates to apply through YouTube. One of the YouTube candidates made it to the finale of the show.

In Germany, we co-developed and produced an interactive drama targeting young voters, to engage them more in the political process.

Our UK online drama Freak won the Rockie award for best online programme thanks to the high level of engagement and participation it drew from viewers.

But innovation is nothing without a strong commercial capacity. In the new media space, establishing good working relationship with brands and agencies is key. FremantleMedia is one of the leaders in online branded entertainment with projects for brands such as RedBull, Mars, Intel, Tampax, Pampers… Our latest project is in the USA, where we’ve just produced a factual entertainment show for Buick and MSN.

In parallel we continue to bring more interactivity, more dialogue opportunities, to our TV shows, from Twitter and Facebook extensions to social games that let you apply to be on the show.

Increasingly, digital becomes part of a show from its inception to its broadcast.

The same is true of our partners around the RTL channels in Europe, which have consistently pushed the boundaries of what can be expected from a broadcaster in the digital space, both creatively and commercially.

What qualities are you looking for in submitted projects?
FremantleMedia and RTL Group will of course carefully review each entry.

We’ll particularly look at the originality of the concept, and the understanding of both the TV and the digital world.

We aren’t looking for TV shows with extensions. We are looking for cross-media experiences in which TV is a part of the mix.

We will also look at the commercial and brand integration potential. We want creatives to really show a capacity in coming up with brand-friendly and market-friendly ideas.

Why should cross-platform creatives submit their projects, and how would you like to see them best use the development prize money?
For cross-platform creatives, this is an opportunity to access a first-class digital development team, as well as a strong network of digital executives around the world.

We will work with the winners to define the best way to spend the development money, while leveraging our resources. The result will hopefully be a strong, executable concept which can be pitched globally through the FremantleMedia and RTL Group networks.

Claire Tavernier is senior executive vice president, FMX and Worldwide Drama at FremantleMedia.

To find out more about – and pitch your project for – Content 360, MIPTV’s cross-platform creative pitching competition, click here. Deadline: February 21.

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